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A Real-world Discussion About Dog Food Reviews

A lot of reviews had been made as to what type of foods to give your pets like dogs. There are actually two kinds of foods that you could give your beloved dogs. One is a raw dog food and the other is commercial food. It is best that you equip yourself with the knowledge about how these foods are prepared and produced in order for you to decide which type is better. This article will introduce you to both the positive and negative sides of feeding your best friend uncooked foods.

When you feed your pets with an uncooked food, you're actually doing the so called raw feeding. This is considered more nourishing than the commercial diet for dogs. It is believed that uncooked foods reduce natural foul odor and clean up the dentition of a carnivorous pet like dogs.

Are These Dog Food Reviews Facts Correct?

Dogs have evolved over a thousand years ago feeding themselves raw foods. Thus you can say that it is quite logical to feed your best buddy with an uncooked foods. It cannot be assumed that this natural raw feeding means better feeding especially that uncooked foods have still in them the bacteria which might cause some illnesses in your best friend, on the other hand.

When commercial dog foods are prepared, there is an implementation of an intense heat. This heat will destroy part of the proteins and other vitamins in the foods. What is normally done is to supplement these lost vitamins and minerals in order for this type of food to be considered healthy but this isn't very promising.

Get in touch with your local food bank on phone and ask if they may be doing any sort of collections for pet food or at the very least if they have knowledge of other pet food banks in your local region. Particular towns or cities have such food banks exclusive for pets, like the Food Depot in the Santa Fe city or Pongo Fund in the Portland city. Another pet food bank from Chicago offered away almost 30, 000 pounds of pet food a number of years ago.

One bad thing about commercial foods is that it includes more grains which is considered harmful to dogs. This has anything to do with their digestive system which isn't as advanced as that of mankind. Again, dogs are carnivores. Their digestive system is designed to digest meats. Also, when grains are heated greatly, there is an alteration in its structure which will chemically produce harmful products.

Bacterial infection and bacterial poisoning are also possible with commercial foods because there is a strong tendency that once they're not properly ingested, they'll stay for quite a long while int the teeth of your carnivorous pets. This will trigger the spread of bacteria.

There are a lot of food regulations and associations which control the commercialization of various commercial dog foods. These associations are beneficial in ensuring the security and the quality of the manufactured foods. Raw feeding doesn't have this sort of regulations. So this is one benefit of the commercially available foods.

Most of the carnivores don't chew their food. Their mouths are designed to crush foods and not chew them. This is why in raw feeding it is usual that the meat is prepared whole so that your pet could easily crush them. The bad thing is that it is a great cause of dental fractures and fat build ups in the intestines.

The decision is for you to make. Whether you decide to use a raw dog food in feeding your best friend or not, you are required to make a lot of considerations. If possible, go to some veterinary doctors and have them check and evaluate the state of health of your dogs. You have to know now and then if what your dogs have eaten are properly ingested and digested. This is a safety practice for your pets to remain healthy.

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